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Sarl Pierre Oliver Bonhomme - "Le Telquel" Gamay VDF 2021 (750ml)

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This is Pierre-O's most available red wine. It is made with purchased fruit from two farmers working organically and some of Pierre-O's grapes. In particularly complicated vintages, he may source from other regions, particularly the southern Beaujolais.

The name Telquel is, suprise suprise, a pun. It's a riff on Teckel (Dachshund hound) spun to sound like "as is". The idea here to make a simple table wine that reflects the vintage. The blend changes every year but is always Gamay dominant.

The wine's "Un Poil Dur..." tag line extends the canine pun. It literally translates to "A hard hair" but is slang for "rough around the edges."