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Romio - “Extra Dry” Prosecco NV (750ml)


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In 1966, a collection of small independent Italian wine growers joined forces to share their passion, knowledge and skills with the aim of highlighting the quality of their wines to the world. It was from these beginnings, backed by generations of Italian winemaking tradition and centuries of viticulture know-how, that the Caviro Co-operative was founded.

Today Caviro is still a Co-operative in every sense of the word, championing the small individual wine-growing families that are the driving force behind Italian wine.

This commitment to tradition is evident in every aspect of the winemaking process. From the meticulous attention given to fruit selection to the unique access to some of Italy's finest and most established vineyards, tradition is a Caviro benchmark of quality. With winemaking proudly steeped in tradition and a commitment to understanding modern global markets, Caviro has the unique ability to showcase Italy's finest wines across the world.

With a fully integrated approach Caviro's wine business model uses innovation and cutting edge processes that extend to vineyards, partner wineries, boutique and bulk wine production, packaging, marketing and brand building.

Caviro is the market leader in Italy and is well placed to deliver market-focused solutions backed by extensive product investment. Understanding the modern consumer and recognizing opportunities in a diverse range of contemporary global markets is key to consistent international success. Caviro harnesses generations of Italian winemaking tradition to deliver quality and value, whilst simultaneously using technology and resource to explore alternative and innovative wine styles that appeal to current consumer trends and market focus.