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Ricard - Pastis Anise Liqueur (750ml)


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Ricard stands as the world's leading pastis, a popular aniseed-flavored drink, renowned for its refreshing taste as an aperitif. It enjoys immense popularity in France and ranks as the 4th largest spirit globally, with distribution in 150 countries. The original recipe, a secret blend of natural ingredients, remains unchanged since Paul Ricard introduced it in 1932.

Star anise, a rare spice found near the southern Chinese border and northern Vietnam, is the key ingredient in Ricard. The recipe also includes licorice from Syria and various aromatic herbs from Provence. The success and distinct flavor of Ricard are attributed to the quality and balance of these ingredients. Traditionally, it is served diluted with water in a ratio of 5 parts water to 1 part Ricard, earning it the nickname "The French Milk" due to its milky, opaque appearance upon mixing.