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Juice Runners- "Paloma Remix" Sparkling Cocktail (Can - 355ml)


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Like a superior album, the initial note thrills you; an energizing explosion of freshly squeezed grapefruit. Taste: The tang and fizz strike your taste buds with the immediacy of a classic RTJ track. The sweetness of agave brings harmony, while the smoky tones of mezcal interlace throughout. A subtle complexity and earthiness lie in wait. Mouthfeel: Ranging from light to medium-bodied, the effervescence is revitalizing. Paloma Remix delivers a flavorful, refreshing, and zesty blow. Finish: The conclusion is neat and brisk, leaving behind a persistent grapefruit essence. The smokiness gently dissipates, and akin to an RTJ concert, you're left yearning for more. Crafted with 100% agave espadin mezcal, organic juices, and a hint of agave nectar for equilibrium.