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Greenhook Ginsmiths - “Gin And Tonic” (can - 200ml)

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Greenhook Ginsmiths have taken their award-winning American Dry Gin and combined it with the perfect amount of homemade tonic.  Mixed with the correct proportions in mind, this Gin & Tonic  in a can is carbonated throughout at 45 PSI—tested by Greenhook and found to be the optimal carbonation level for an enlivened Gin & Tonic. Not only is the tonic bubbly, but the gin itself is carbonated, so as not to go flat when diluting with ice.  At 12% ABV, this G&T is sessionable and ready for any outdoor fun.  Greenhook’s mission is to change the perception of a flat, hum-drum Gin & Tonic to something invigorating and ideal for any number of occasions. Pop the top and enjoy!