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Cenote - "Ahumado" Smoked Reposado Tequila (750ml)


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The aroma offers a gentle yet unmistakable smoky embrace, reminiscent of a smoldering bonfire. While it carries mezcal's hallmark smokiness, it's more subdued and not overtly dominant. As the liquid dances in the glass, a broader olfactory palette unfolds. A grounding agave presence is evident, complemented by a hint of sweet vanilla.

On tasting, its intensity belies its subtle nose. The smokiness becomes more pronounced, akin to a lightly peated Islay whisky, reminiscent of Ardbeg's iconic 10-year-old. Traces of honey and vanilla furnish the sweetness, interwoven with spicy whispers of clove and cinnamon. The foundational agave note, persisting through the finish, roots the experience to its origin. Its fiery spirit, though more robust than its nuanced flavors, lingers endlessly.