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Cayeya - "Single Barrel" Anejo Tequila (750ml)

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As you draw near, a captivating aroma greets you. The scent is rich with pronounced toasted oak and caramel, indicative of its extended maturation. This intense fragrance unveils layers of vanilla, maple syrup, and toffee, forming an alluring and complex bouquet. Dark chocolate and espresso notes add a luxurious touch, while the high cask strength enhances the aromatic depth and intricacy.

Upon tasting, the profound influence of the prolonged contact with re-charred American oak is unmistakable. The palate is enveloped in lush butterscotch and dark caramel flavors, intertwined with bold toasted vanilla and charred oak. The cask strength's elevated alcohol content deepens the flavors, bringing a layered complexity. The robustness of dark chocolate, black cherries, and black pepper adds to a rich and fulfilling flavor experience.