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Brennivin Aquavit Sidan 1935 1L

The real secret to Brennivin is in the caraway, which has a bit of different flavor than caraway grown in other soils, and the water with which the spirit is blended.
The natural purity, volcanic mineral content and alkalinity of the water used, contributes to the soft finish and subtle sweetness. The spiced, savory nature of Brennivin enables it to pair wonderfully with fruit liqueurs, ginger sodas, and vegetable juices like tomato (BLOODY MARY!!!)

Brennivin has been with us since 1935, but who invented it? A mystery. In Iceland
also where they believe in the existence of elves. To prevent Icelanders from
purchasing, we designed a black label that should look as unattractive
possible. This plan failed completely. “The Black Death” as Brennivin is
popularly called, is today Islands National drink. Brennivin today is
also to pop culture, sung by the Foo Fighters, filmed by Quentin
Tarantino and written by the writer Halldór Laxness.

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