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Zlatan Otok - "Bilo Idro" Plavac Mali 2020 (750ml)

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Bilo Idro Plavac is meant to be a fresh, approachable, and easy drinking style of Plavac Mali that brings you dockside at Bilo Idro overlooking the Adriatic.

This 100% Plavac is a touch lighter in body than other Plavac, but still very much stylistically a Zlatan Plavac! A bright and fresher Plavac with notes of dark red cherry, baby blueberries, subtle earthiness and gentle tannins.

This Plavac could certainly be slightly chilled and enjoyed by itself or enjoy with any totally casual bar foods – crush Bilo Idro Plavac with burgers, pizza, chicken fingers, late night pork roll egg & cheese, or just sipping while watching the sunset over any beautiful body of water.