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Corazon de Agave Expresiones, Tequila Reposado (750ml)

With 10.5 months in Buffalo Trace barrels, this Tequila is dry and spicy, and has a real sense of the bourbon that used this cask before it, with undertones of caramel, vanilla and cinnamon.

Produced at the San Matias Distillery, the agave is slow cooked in ovens made of stone. Proprietary yeast is used to ensure the desired flavour profile. It is then distilled twice, using stainless steel pot stills and cut utilizing the fresh spring water from the Highlands of Jalisco. Expresiones barrels play a vital role in the unique characteristics of Expresiones del Corazón. These barrels impart unique characteristics that are different from any other Tequila. The barrels are stored in the first row at Casa San Matias’ aging facility in Acatic, Los Altos Jalisco. This insures the ideal level of air flow to aid in the aging process. The Tequila is evaluated every 2 months and monitored until the desired characteristics are achieved.

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