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Strangeways - California Chardonnay 2019 (750ml)

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The wine is a blend of fruit from varying appellations from Napa Valley to the Central Coast. All vineyards are farmed sustainably. Soil and vine age are as varied as the vineyard sources and it’s this combination of factors that leads to the wine’s overtly characterful style. It’s a rare find in California to discover a winery that truly understands value. Much in the same way the Emu understands value. Emu’s will eat almost anything they find like grass, seeds, fruit, leaves, and insects. While incubating eggs they can go for almost 2 months without eating or drinking, that’s getting some serious value out of your food! Emus are Strange creatures. Very picky about who they like. As you should be. With friends. With lovers. And of course, wine...