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Osuzuyama Distillery - "Osuzu" Japanese Gin (700ml)


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Base spirit: Osuzuyama Distillery’s own Yamaneko “Wildcat” sweet-potato shochu. (80% Estate-Grown Joy White sweet potatoes and 20% hand-made white koji rice)

Botanicals: Juniper, Sansho, Kinkan citrus, Hyuganatsu citrus, Yuzu citrus, Ginger, Sakaki wood, Shiitake

    • Aside from Juniper all botanicals are estate grown without use of pesticides.
    • Sakaki is a rare aromatic wood considered sacred in Japan, often used in Shinto shrines.

Tasting Notes: Yuzu and other citrus aromas prominent on the nose, flavors of the gin itself are surprisingly bold, with woodsy notes from Sakaki and spiciness of sansho coming through.

Suggested Serving: Spicy and bold, Osuzu Gin shines well with simple preparations mixed with soda water or tonic, in a martini or a restrained White Negroni.