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Matchbook Distilling Company - “No Where Sun Kissed and Stargazed” NY Triple Sec (750ml)

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From Matchbook's website: 

"We start with Blingnova, our vodka made from certified organic corn. We add it to our pot still with 30+ pounds of fresh, organic, whole navel oranges - and we allow those oranges to sit and macerate overnight. The following day, we run the stills -- and the oils and other aromatics from the peels and the fresh juice travel through the still into our spirt. We dilute the fresh orange distillate down and add a good dose of sugar. A fresh take on a classic - but still perfect for your margarita. Nowhere is our second drop of the month because it mixes perfectly with II. Solé Mio. Try shaking this one up at home in a mason jar.."