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Montenegro - "Amaro Italiano" Liqueur (750ml)


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Amaro Montenegro is a classic amaro, distilled in Bologna, Italy. It's crafted from a confidential mixture of 40 botanicals, including vanilla, orange peels, and eucalyptus. The amaro was initially concocted by Stanislao Cobianchi in 1885, originally named Elisir Lungavita. In 1896, its name was changed to Amaro Montenegro in honor of Princess Elena of Montenegro, who wed Crown Prince Victor Emmanuel, the future King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy. Its production happens in the Montenegro Srl factory in San Lazzaro di Savena, located in the Province of Bologna.

Cobianchi journeyed across continents to gather 40 different elements, including peels, woods, seeds, rhizomes, flowers, fruits, citrus skins, roots, stems, and leaves.

Amaro Montenegro is a product of a time-honored process, unchanged since 1885. The Master Herbalist supervises the entire creation process, just as Cobianchi used to do.

The renowned Italian author Gabriele D'Annunzio once referred to it as the "liquor of virtues".