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Mezcal Siete Misterios Joven 750ml

Type: Mezcal joven 100% Agave
Year: 2014
Agave: Doba-yej (Angustifolia Haw)
ABV: 45.5% Alc. Vol. ajustada con agua de manantial.
Maestro Mezcalero: Don Celso Martinez.
Milling: Tahona chilena.
Fermentation: Tinas de madera de pino.
Distilation: Dos en alambique de cobre.
Region: Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca.

Sight: Crystalline and bright, silvery shades powerful body. Develops a light bead.

Nose: Scents of lemon citrus yellow, lime, grapefruit and apple smoked delicate yellow sparkles. Violet tones and delicate floral notes of sweet toasted caramel cooked agave.

Palate: Scents of citrus to medium character with great stay in the mouth, confirms its citrus notes with a sweet finish. It tends to improve with air and power develops its sweet and floral.

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