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Frank Cornelissen, Magma 10, Nerello Mascalese, Etna Sicilia 750ml

Magma, wine made from old Nerello Mascalese vines (50–80 years), from the highest parts of the vineyard. The wine is produced in a non-interventionalist way, fermented and aged according to ancient traditions in terracotta vases of approximately 400 litres each, buried in the ground in the cellar and fixed with ground volcanic rock.  Every grape bunch is tailored and tails are cut away as well as unripe berries are delicately picked out of the bunches... a monk's job! The use of amphorae is a fascinating practice. Frank says that he traveled half the world to find the right density of clay. Amphorae allow the wine to breathe a little, but don’t give the tannins of the wood, nor do they alter the wines colour. Frank likes this because he doesn’t want to add anything to the vine. ‘Maybe you might find my pricing a little awkward as the difference between the Magma® and Rosso del Mongibello is enormous. Let me explain to you why. When I calculated the Magma, the price was really high because of the enormous costs in the vineyard selecting and reselecting bunches, grapes, cutting the tails, and so on. I knew that there is always a selection of grapes that isn't the "ne plus ultra" and so I wanted to make also an assembled wine with the same philosophy, the Rosso del Mongibello. Magma as top wine was expensive and thus destined for wealthy people and I felt the Rosso was also too expensive to be tasted by average people. I didn't want to make wine only for the economically rich people and so I lowered the price on the Rosso and raised the price on the Magma to cover the loss and get the balance. I have now a high-end wine that reflects territory and I have a wine that remains accessible for virtually every wine-lover, which is "co-sponsored" by the Magma lovers. A social price-setting.’

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