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Escubac - “Sweetdram” Liqueur (750ml)

Escubac* is a fresh take on a French aperitif, or a modern liqueur, depending on how you want to look at it… It all started with a concept: rethink liqueurs in style and category. That meant looking past tradition. That meant not trying to imitate other producers and products. That meant not pigeon-holing ideas just to fit the typical expectations.

Instead, Sweetdram set out to create something relevant to modern drinkers/bartenders, with a drier, flavor-focused recipe workshopped over 18 months in east London. 14 botanicals, including caraway, clove, cardamom, nutmeg, citrus, and more, are macerated then slowly distilled to provide the base that will become Escubac. This dram is lightly sweeten with raisins, vanilla and a small amount of sugar, before being colored straw-yellow with a small quantity of saffron.

Because Escubac lacks the quantity of sugar often associated with liqueurs and clocks in at a near full 34%abv, Escubac can be consumed as a modifier or a base spirit, giving the home and professional bartender more control and mixing flexibility. Sip Escubac like a nice whisky or mix it with tonic and a slice of lemon for a twist on a G&T.

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