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Domaine Les Carmels, Cadillac Côte De Bordeaux “Les Caprices” 2018 (750ml)

In 2010, Yorick and Sophie Lavaud took over 5 hectares of vine that they cultivated directly in organic farming. They felt in love with the place: only one block of vines surround a nipple made up of clay of all the colours, an in-depth calcareous bed rock and gravel on the surface. The vine is very well settled since decades.

Yorick is passionate by agronomy in general and more specially by the vine. He didn’t consider the vine independently from the environment in which if fits. That’s very significant to him to maintain a rich ecosystem and a great heterogeneity. Vine treatments are reflected and fortified by herbal teas and compost teas made in the Carmels. Yorick also planted an orchard with about 50 different tree varieties different and a familial vegetable garden of 50 acres. In the futur, it will have market gardening in the Carmels that is necessary to have optimal floral diversity. That is to say that Yorick is an agricultural engineer in love with the nature.

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