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Dinavalo sei Vino Da Tavola 2016 (750ml)

Denavolo is the private domain of Giulio Armani, the long-time winemaker at Emilia's La Stoppa. Armani founded his domain in 2005 in the town of Travo and sources his grapes from a nearby three-hectare, biodynamically-run vineyard. Here, he makes white wine in the manner of red wine, that is to say with prolonged skin maceration and pumping of the wine over the caps, technique designed to extract colour, flavour compounds, and tannins for reds. The resulting wines are orange-tinted, highly aromatic, full-bodied, and tannic.

All de-stemmed fruit goes into a steel tank and is left to ferment for one to three weeks on the skins -there are seven to eight pump-overs to agitate. Giulio uses only natural yeasts and then moves the wine to age in older oak for a year. Not a drop of sulfur reaches this wine.

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