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Dashe Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel 2013 750ml

The 2013 vintage was one of the finest vintages in California, producing a large quantity of excellent quality fruit. We used our custom-made gridded tanks to ferment, allowing us to submerge the cap of grape skins beneath the surface of the fermenting wine, extracting color, body, and complexity from the grapes without extracting drying tannins found in the seeds. The result is an intense and complex wine that also feels very velvety and round on the tongue. 
The wine was fermented using only the natural yeast population on the grapesour tradition at Dashe Cellarsand the resulting wine shows off the terroir of the vineyards beautifully. The wine was aged for 10 months in older French oak barrels, including our 900 gallon French oak casks that allow us to gain the softness of  oak aging without adding excessive oak flavors. In our blending trials, we added about 8% of Petite Sirah, for structure and aging potential. 
Possibly California's most consistent producer of great Cabernet, the Wagner family are Napa pioneers. Featuring sweet, ripe blackberry flavors with undertones of mocha and toasted oak. A classy, balanced wine that tastes delicious when bottled, but can improve with age.

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