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Chateau Gasqui Roche d'Enfer! Red 750ml

Ideally located in the 'heart of the Var', Gasqui's Valley stretches on one hundred hectares of Vineyard, forest, castel and its park. Many archaeological remains claim of the rich Liguri and Roman past : soil fertility and geography explain this maintenance of a human presence since old ages. Aware and respectful of the past, François Miglio runs the vinifications since 1991 in the magnificent 1898 half-buried cellar in perfect harmony with the landscape. Biodynamic Agriculture is established since 2007 with gratifying and troubling results related grapes quality and wines. The Clay-limestone soil is very deep and rocky, with respect for the nature there is zero till nor green harvest, the harvesting is carried out manually. Particular singularity in Côtes de Provence : Red Wines represent half the production (Rosés Wines 35%, White Wines 15%). Vinification is done using a natural gravity-based method, native yeast from the grapes are used during fermentation time with no addiction of any other selected yeast, no fining, no sulphiting in order to preserve a wine that is alive and evolving.

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