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Clos Fantine - “Cuvee Tradition” Faugeres Rouge 2019 (750ml)

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Carole, Olivier and Corine Andrieu - winegrowers in Cabrerolles
17 hectares

An overview of Faugères: this is the smallest appellation of the Languedoc with only 1950 hectares. it’s also one of the greatest one in the Languedoc along with St chinian (also on slate). Soil here in Faugères is mostly grey/blue/red slate (with a few limestone parcels). Slate retains water very well (up to 40% of its volume) and retains heat that is redistributed during the cooler night for a long and slow maturation. Soil is quite draining, pour and very acid. Faugères AOC is protected from the Tramontane (dry and strong wind from the north) by mountains in the north and overlooks the Med (20km) with a southern exposure.

Viticultural approach...
Cultural Method of the soil:
No fertilizers are used in the vineyard. Natural cover crop develops and when it is dense enough, it is buried using a plough. Depending on the year, different varieties of plants develop and contribute to the balance of the soil. Each parcel is self-sufficient and harmonise with it’s own environment.

Cultivation of the Vines:
No systematic treatment are used (no herbicides, fungicides, pesticides or copper...) is used to treat the vineyard, except on the carignan vines which are sprayed twice a year with natural powdered sulfur at the beginning of the plant’s growth (this particular varietal is prone to oïdium).
The vineyard has been farmed that way for decades and natural resistance exists in each parcel. The balance of each parcel is also the reason why they do not need to use any treatment on the vines, and yet are able to harvest a very healthy crop.
Vinification and ageing…