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Bodegas Chacra - "Sin Azufre" Patagonia Pinot Noir 2021 (750ml)


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Sin Azufre characteristics are soft, balanced, lively, transparent, and extremely energetic with pronounced minerality and well integrated soft tannins.

Chacra was created by Piero Incisa della Rocchetta in 2004 with the intention of finding the most unobstructed expression of the climate, micro-climate, and terrior of Mainqué in the Río Negro region of Patagonia. Respecting the environment by following biodynamic and organic principles, Piero strives to make wines that are transparent, pure, delicate, and floral with a strong minerality.
In Patagonia, a “chacra” is a special piece of land destined to pomology. At the same time, chacras are vital energy centers that provide us with the ability to connect with the whole universe, with everything living and vibrating. In its nourishment, in the marriage with every meal, wine is the companion of pleasure and sensitivity. Wine is intimate and touches all our senses. Chacra aims to enhance that connection.

Respecting and enhancing the community of Chacra is of the utmost importance. We preserve ungrafted old vines, invest in apiculture, and organically and biodynamically farm. We see Chacra wines as a consequence of nature and a reflection of our true respect for the ecosystem.

At Chacra, we believe farms are complex living organisms. Our approach to agriculture focuses on the balance of its overall development and the relationship between soils, plants and animals to maintain a system of self nutrition, avoiding extrinsic intervention whenever possible and keeping in mind that any food exiting from the estate represents a loss of its nutrients. Artificial fertilizers and toxic pesticides and herbicides are categorically prohibited. Biodynamic agriculture’s uniqueness lies in the use of vegetable and mineral preparations that are added to compost and aerosols for the land, as well as in the use of a sowing and planting calendar based on the movement of the stars.

Treating vineyards with the utmost respect is the fundamental tenant in our winery. While treating our vineyards organically (certified), we have also undertaken the sensible reasoning that all things we take from the natural habitat deserve a reward, proof of our gratitude. We strongly believe that only a natural habitat can grow distinctive wines; simple wine cultivation that seeks to sustain and support the microcosm of a region; a sustainable form of wine-making that can persist in perfect harmony with the natural environment.