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Cardedu Caladu Cannonau 750ml

Why Be Curious? CANNONAU is an indigenous grape variety from Sardegna (possibly with Spanish origins). The vineyards of Cardedu (car-DAY-do) are in the area of Ogliastra, the most mountainous and least populous province on the island. It’s a good place to build a fire for grilling or just watch the stars. ‘Caladu’ is the Sardinian word for ‘sunset’, which is one of the many times when you can enjoy this wine. It’s spicy and smoky, with fleshy fruit and dusty tannins. It matches especially well with grilled meats – flank steak, sausages, pork ribs, lamb lollipops – or in Sardinia, with the local roasted suckling pig called porceddu.

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