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Barking Irons Applejack 750ml

Back in the early 20th century it was said, perhaps rightly, that there was no spirit more sinful than Applejack. The ballsy, distinctly American, not for the faint of heart or palate version of Apple Brandy.

A wicked beverage, it was called. And that wasn’t far from the truth. If you didn’t have the salt to handle it, it’d damn sure knock you on your ass. Which was kind of the idea.

Made from one of the Northeast’s most readily available resources, apples, it was powerful, unrefined, and easy to make.

So easy, in fact, that people could make it right in their backyard – a process known as ‘jacking’.  They would freeze-distill it overnight, and by morning, it would be ready to drink.

Which was a good thing. Because in New York City’s notorious Five Points, no one was waiting around for it to mature.

But Applejack, along with the places that made it infamous, has come a long way. Particularly in the form of Barking Irons Applejack.

Taken the same raw material, the cider from 100% New York apples, distilled it to a fine spirit, and then aged it in oak barrels to give it a smoother, more refined flavor.

Less hurry and a lot more careful craftsmanship.