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Adrien Camut Calvados Pays D’ Auge 12 Years Old (750ml)

Since the 1800s, the Camut family has grown apple trees on their 115-acre property in the Pays d'Auge. Today, brothers Jean Gabriel and Emmanuel Camut run the estate, with little to no help from others. All of their fruit is hand-harvested at optimum maturity between September and mid-December. A low-alcohol cider (5.5%) is made from these apples, which then rests in oak barrels for eleven months. The cider is double-distilled with two of the property's wood-fueled stills, one of which is nearly 85 years old! A small amount of rainwater is mixed with the exiting spirit, lowering its proof from 136 to 116. During the first two years, the Calvados is frequently transferred between barrels in an effort to promote oxidation. No new barrels are used, with the average being 50 years of age. In its third year, the Calvados is placed in large wooden vats or foudre. These are always kept between 2/3 and 3/4 full, which allows for a constant exchange of oxygen, gradual reduction, and heightened concentration of the brandy. Unfortunately, their loss through evaporation is increased, which is why their calvados offerings are limited. The blends are completely natural. Time alone has mellowed these rich, lush spirits.

Forward aromas of baked apple, honey, cream, spice. Layered notes of smoky green apple in mouth. Displays plenty of depth for its relatively young age. Long, pure finish. 82 proof.

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